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Texas Pedal Steel D-10 Specifications

 Size 32″ x 10 1/2″ | Deck Hgt. 28 1/2″ | String Hgt. back neck 29 1/2″
  Weight 42 lbs. | Leg angle on guitars are 10.5 degrees
 We use a 2 piece fiber case, empty weight 15# 

Introducing our new Texas Pedal Steel Guitars D-10

 The newest double neck steel guitar in production. A modern pedal steel  that incorporates the most functional  designs and components proven reliable by players/builders since the early innovations of the classic doubleneck steel guitars .  We continue the quest for tone and playability with our extensive R&D incorporating best methods of manufacturing with the practical experience of players' needs and challenges.  View the photos and hear a demonstration. We also build single neck doubles.

Texas Pedal Steel Guitars Photo Shoot

 We have begun the process of updating our new website. Below are some  shots from a recent photo shoot. Please check back soon as we will be  updating our pages with new photos and  videos highlighting our guitars and the incredible process of making an exceptional pedal steel.

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