One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of playing steel are  the endless ways you can approach the instrument through tuning  relations and copedents. We set up steels for players with a wide  variety of preferences and are familiar with the most commonly used and  the more unconventional.

Whether you need a few fine adjustments or you would like to try that  new copendent with a different raise or lower, we provide a meticulous  set up service.



John Cassis is a master problem solver and his shop has been stocking  NOS parts and components from most popular steels over the years. We  also custom manufacture many replacement parts.

Because modern pedal steel guitars have so many moving parts, there  are numerous operations that suffer from neglect and can cause you  problems due to wear and tear, bad alignment, dirt, linkage binding or  slack.

Custom Fabrication & Mods

 We manufacture parts in our shop in Georgetown, Texas and outsource the  fabrication of more complex components to machining facilities in  central TX. Our network of skilled craftsman ensure accurate highest  quality results, cost effectiveness and timely turnaround. 


 For more information on our restoration services, please give us a call  so we can see if there is something we can do. Restoration jobs are  taken on a case by case basis and generally start with a phone call to  see if we have the ability to accommodate you.