TPS D-10 Specs

  Size 32″ x 10 1/2″ | Deck Hgt. 28 1/2″ | String Hgt. back neck 29 1/2″
 Weight 42 lbs. | Leg angle on guitars are 10.5 degrees
We use a 2 piece fiber case, empty weight 15#  

Aluminum parts are machined from 6061 high compression solid billet,  All other metallic parts are formed or machined stainless, no more  plated mild steel parts anywhere. The inspiration for the development of  this guitar was the MCI double necks that sounded so awesome and played  flawlessly & friendly . A few modern details and updates have been  added mainly because materials and processes have developed that make  production of difficult parts possible & more functional.

A very important part of what makes this guitar sound so elegantly  live is the genius of Mark Giles, the leading cabinet maker currently  building high end pedal steel cabinets. The maple used in the Texas  Pedal Steel cabinets are the most resonant hard rock maple available.  Changer housing & key head are independent with a low profile live  necks . A modern version changer assembly with 1/2 inch axle ads to  stability & reduces friction which enhances tone. The changer blades  are 3 raise and 3 lower with 6 position bell cranks. Cross shafts are  5/16 ” square stainless .

The pull rods are 3/32 ” polished tempered stainless. The pedals are  designed so the whole set can be moved one whole position left or right  without moving anything in the cabinet. The color availability of  laminates changes from time to time , we stock several color cabinets  & a few already built guitars. Most functional moving parts &  assembly’s are updated treatments of original MCI designs which have  stood the test of time in many other builders guita